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About Me

I’m Stacey. I’m based in Manchester and specialise in integrated Social Media strategy with significant experience both in-house for arts and tourism brands, and agency-side for diverse digital clients.

Most recently (since the pandemic) I've also been working as a Solutions Consultant with Sprout Social, providing technical guidance to leading brands for their social and customer care teams.

Freelance consulting since 2017, I pride myself on creative, results-driven, and honest management of client accounts. Unlike a traditional agency, I offer flexible pricing and service delivery options, so 100% of fees go into consultation time, there’s no staff-changes to be concerned about, or high overheads to cover!

My latest projects

Past Projects



  • Brought author and historian Kate Williams on-board to the project as the lead Ambassador; Kate’s mum owns two of the Tower of London poppies from the original sculpture

  • Launched in Hereford in March 2018, the final-leg of the UK tour of two of the poppy sculptures (Weeping Window, and Wave) received national attention in media with Kate at the heart of the campaign.

  • Facebook live broadcast with Kate williams was viewed by 29,000 users

  • Total video views 208,200 on Facebook



  • Targeting educators to recruit new Into Film Club leaders in schools, and promote free seats for students and teachers at the annual Into Film Festival.

  • Creation of bespoke audiences in Facebook and Twitter using existing eCRM data and lookalikes

  • Utilising complex bidding and optimisation strategies to keep Cost Per Click and Cost Per Acquisition to tight budgetary targets

  • Creating custom conversion tracking along the user journey to serve appropriate messaging to new registrants at all stages of their booking or club set-up process

My latest projects


  • To commemorate 100 years of women receiving the right to vote in the UK, 14-18 NOW commissioned a mass participation artwork across the country on 10 June 2018 called PROCESSIONS, concepted and led by Artichoke.

  • To support online registrations, and online awareness, I led the outreach and management or ambassadors and influencers for 14-18 NOW, including partnership events and negotiating activity with talent and their agents.

  • Ambassadors for PROCESSIONS had a combined following of 779,125 users on Instagram and 121,691 on Twitter. 

  • Overall Potential Reach: 900,816 people


PAGES OF THE SEA (Danny Boyle)

Managing outreach and content creation with Celebrity Ambassadors and Influencers for the
awareness and PR campaign, I contributed to the delivery of:

  • Call to action campaign videos and poetry recordings from Celebrity Ambassadors (Adrian Dunbar, Aled Jones, Christopher Eccleston, Clare Grogan, David Caves, Dawn French, Jeremy Irons, Kate Adie, Melanie Hill, Sanjeev Kohli, Zoë Wanamaker)

  • Social Media support from well know figures such as Bear Grylls, Roman Kemp and Greg

  • Project Management of filming on 11th November 2018 in Swansea for BBC National and regional (Wales) coverage with spokespeople.

My latest projects


  • Augmented reality Instagram filters allowing people to virtually ‘try on’ brooches from The Goldsmiths’ Company collection were opened on users’ devices 46,084 times

  • The filters were seen 5,326 times in Instagram’s ‘Discovery’ feed by users who do not follow Goldsmiths’ Fair

  • 1,214 images or videos were made of people using the filters on their own devices

  • 1,490 of the Talk Programme sign-ups driven by Facebook advertising (63% of the total sign-ups)

  • Social Media ads drove 69,536 clicks to the website (7.95% CTR)



• Social media advertising drove 5,913 total sessions to the Our City Together website, 68% of which were based in London.

• Facebook and Instagram drove 95% of sessions to the quiz registration page

• Average session duration was low (4 seconds) and Bounce Rates on the page were high (92%) because the main call to action on the page was a link to the Eventbrite page (off-site) to register.

• Age groups 55+ represented the highest volume of users on the Quiz registration page (32% - 1,875 unique sessions)

• Highest volume of traffic on the page was recorded on Thursday 3 September, 3 days out from the quiz date.

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter  |  +44 7495971380

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